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Green Skills Workshops

Working in partnership with SS&L

Tues 11th April

Time: 10 am - 4 pm

Scything Course - Learn to mow with a scythe!

Scythe courses are based around lightweight Austrian scythes. Instruction is provided on the three interacting factors that make for successful mowing: how to set up the grips correctly for the user’s proportions; how to keep the edge sharp; how to mow with a movement that is efficient for the body and effective in cutting the vegetation

The course will cover:

  An introduction to the course and history of the scythe
  Description and parts of a scythe
  Principles of movement
   How to effectively hone the edge with a whetstone
   Adjustment of blade angles, according to mowing circumstances
  Different blades for different purposes
  Demonstration of peening
  Maintenance and repair of blades


No previous experience is required; this course is suitable for beginners.

Throughout the training there are some important safety considerations, because of the razor sharp blades of course. Safe procedures are described for using the scythe, and for handling the blades on and off the snath. Cut resistant gloves are provided where appropriate.

For the course you need to bring a packed lunch and wear suitable outdoor clothes (old clothes, waterproofs, boots or wellies).

Booking essential: e-mail or phone 01963 351350 to find out more.
All participants must be aged 19 or over and been a resident of the UK orEuropeanEconomic Area for 3 years.