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Carymoor's Waste Free Lunch Challenge!


Every year we challenge visiting schools to think about their waste and bring the most eco-friendly Education at Carymoor Environmental Centre Somersetlunches with them! During their visit pupils are asked to sort their rubbish into different categories; identifying items that can be re-used; composted and recycled; as well as things that have to be put in landfill. At the end of lunchtime the amount of landfill waste is weighed and we then calculate the average amount produced per pupil. The school with the smallest weight of landfill waste per pupil (and therefore most waste-free lunches) for the academic year win a prize!

If you are planning to visit Carymoor with your class this year, or want to reduce the amount of lunch waste you produce at school, here are our top tips for packing a waste free lunch:

  Put sandwiches in a re-useable container (e.g. Tupperware, ice-cream or margarine tub) instead of wrapping in cling-film, foil or plastic bags.
Use a re-fillable drinks bottle or flask instead of disposable cartons, cans or pouches.
  Buy 'family-size' packs of crisps, biscuits or yoghurt and transfer small amounts into re-useable containers for the day, instead of buying 'multi-packs' of individually wrapped items.
  Look for snacks with recyclable packaging: paper, card or foil rather than plastic.
  Have fun baking your own treats: packed in a re-useable container these usually make less waste than shop-bought, pre-packaged items. Paper cake-cases can be composted too!
  For a healthier option pack an extra piece of fruit instead of crisps or biscuits: If cores, skins or peel are then composted they will also create less landfill waste than other snack options.
  If children find it a challenge to eat a whole piece of fruit, cut it into smaller pieces and put them in a re-useable container.
  Aim to only pack the amount of food that you will eat, so that excess food isn't wasted.


Good Luck!

Zero Waste Winners


We had some fantastic results from visiting groups this year who really stepped up to the challenge to reduce landfill waste at lunchtime! Take a look at the results from our top 20 schools…


Click on the graph to see where your school came in the overall results: