Carymoor Environmental Trust

Secondary education in your school


Experience our exciting workshops and expertise without the cost of a coach! We can't quite bring a whole landfill site to your school but we can bring a wide range of hands-on activities that will get your students thinking about sustainability issues.

Most of our workshops take about an hour and are suitable for a class of 30 students. If your needs vary much from this, give us a call to discuss what would be the best option for you and your class. You can mix and match the sessions below to create a whole or half day of activities.

You can view the National Curriculum links for our workshops by clicking here.

  Workshop Suitable for  
  Wake up to Waste
Lesson plan pdf
All ages An introductory look at the problems associated with landfill. Students learn why to follow the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) and get to have a go at a couple of entertaining activities.
  2100 – A Waste Odyssey
Lesson plan pdf
KS3 A fun workshop looking at how our actions now could cause major environmental problems in the future. Students think about the preventative measures that we should currently be working on.
  Switched On?
Lesson plan pdf
KS3 This workshop looks at the history of energy; how did we manage before electricity? Students find out how much juice modern gadgets use and calculate their own ecological footprint.
  Cut the Carbon quiz
Lesson plan pdf
KS3 - KS4 In this workshop students work in teams to try and reduce their carbon emissions by as much as possible. As the time ticks by which team will be energy savvy enough to cut their carbon the most?
  How Green is this Product?
Lesson plan pdf
KS3 - KS4 In this highly interactive workshop students discuss the whole life-cycle of a product and how the choices made by designers can have wide-reaching consequences for the environment.
  Fantastic Plastic?
Lesson plan pdf
KS4 Plastic has made a massive contribution to modern living but at what cost to the environment? Students do a plastic sort, a true and false quiz and then discuss solutions to the carrier bag problem.
  Sustainability is the Solution
Lesson plan pdf
KS3 - KS5 Students consider the multiple environmental problems that stem from over-consumption.  They find out about One Planet Living and how we need to change the way we live to remain within the limitations of Planet Earth.