Carymoor Environmental Trust

A Day at the Dump


"Everybody should see this!" is a quote we often hear from visitors who tour the landfill site. Only when you see the sheer enormity of it with your own eyes can you fully comprehend the importance of becoming sustainable.

Some of your students may have come to Carymoor with their primary school and learnt about "reduce, reuse, recycle". With secondary students we aim to take their thinking to a whole new level: How have changes in society led us to being so wasteful? Who should be responsible for reducing the amount of waste? Does "going green" mean a lower standard of living? How do our actions here in the UK affect those in other parts of the world?

Carymoor is about much more than just rubbish, we want to show your students the BIG picture and how we all need to work together to create a sustainable future.


Learning Outside the Classroom award